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The gaggles of pinnipeds poking their heads above the sea surface also look more realistic.

It's not surprising that the animals would be more realistic given that Barentsz earned a reputation for accurate depictions of landmasses of the Arctic regions.

The naturalist had been born a Catholic, but his homeland of Sweden, like most of northern Europe, was Protestant by the time he produced his map so rich in sea monsters.

Remaining a Catholic, Olaus was evetually named Archbishop of Uppsala, though he had hardly any fellow believers to oversee there; he and his brother had already moved to southern Europe.

by Joseph Nigg Many of the creatures in Ortelius's map were inspired by the version released decades earlier by Olaus Magnus, a Catholic priest who left Scandinavia for Rome after the Reformation.

The water-spouting sea monster in the upper left looks big enough to swallow a ship.

The fanciful flying fish in the lower left are hard to identify, though they bear some resemblance to fossil sharks known as Iniopterygiformes.

The sea rhino was likely inspired by a real animal, but not one that ever lived in the ocean.

Giant lobsters also made an appearance in a book that Olaus Magnus wrote about the "northern peoples." In this scene, smaller versions, some of them oddly airborne, surround two giant lobsters in the water near a ship.

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Some speculation about this monster-riddled map, however, is that it aimed to dissuade Europeans from moving to an island that the current settlers preferred to keep to themselves.

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